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API setup for B2B persona intermittently pulls from Consumer Access - Patient persona

Jonathan MinterApr 2 2024

Workflow or API calls: Binary

We are seeing issues with a client where our API is setup for system/system account and B2B persona. Some Binary calls are successful and have been proven to associate to the B2B persona Document template. However, we are seeing intermittent 404 failures where the Report Request Maintenance tools shows the request id pulling from the Consumer Access - Patient persona Document template.

What authentication level setup needs to be modified to prevent this from occurring?

Actual Result:

X-Request-Id / Cerner-Correlation-Id / opc-request-id:

X-request-ID - d071aec2-e51e-4242-8c7a-4368d81b054d+GKp0_L0EA

X-Request-ID - 0a141130-7bd2-44ea-ab31-e1721b81caad+zPuT_1p1f

This post has been answered by Mayur Thangadurai Rajendran-Oracle on Apr 3 2024
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Added on Apr 2 2024