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apex_workspace_activity_log purge rate

Scott WesleySep 5 2016 — edited Jan 17 2017

Can we modify settings to hold workspace activity log data for 2 months?

Perhaps I'm misinterpreting what the switch interval is, but if I executed something like this

exec apex_instance_admin.SET_LOG_SWITCH_INTERVAL('ACTIVITY',7*8);

And I saw these results

select * from apex_050000.WWV_FLOW_LOG_NUMBERS;


------------------ -------------------- ---------------------- -----------

                 2 01/SEP/2016 00:00:00                     14 ACCESS    

                 1 18/AUG/2016 00:00:00                     56 ACTIVITY  

                 1 20/AUG/2015 00:00:00                     14 CLICKTHRU 

                 1 23/AUG/2016 00:00:00                     14 DEBUG

Shouldn't I see data from 18th August? Not data capped at 14 days old?

select sysdate,sysdate-14, min(view_date) from apex_workspace_activity_log;

SYSDATE              SYSDATE-14           MIN(VIEW_DATE)    

-------------------- -------------------- --------------------

05/SEP/2016 13:17:01 22/AUG/2016 13:17:01 22/AUG/2016 13:34:54

Edit: Forgot to mention I'm on 5.0.1

(I often forget to practice what I preach, sorry)

I thought once upon a time a dba_job could have it's frequency changed, but now it seems it's all done in here: WWV_FLOW_MAINT.DAILY_MAINTENANCE ?

This post has been answered by joelkallman-Oracle on Jan 17 2017
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