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Apex session keeps ending, log on required every click & no dev toolbar at runtime

Peter ReijndersJan 12 2023

I did not find anything on this on the internet, so I guess I am the only one with this problem:
I start Apex from my Cloud/ Autonomous Database Details/Tools. Then I log into my Workspace/username/password. Then I open my application and arrive in the page designer.
Then when I click on 'Save & Run' the app starts. But most of the time there is no 'dev toolbar' at the bottom. And when there is a 'dev toolbar' and when I use it to go back to the Application or the Page, very often I am required to log in again (Workspace/username/password). And then when I do log in again this cycle start al over again.
Does anyone know of this problem?
Tank you very much,

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Added on Jan 12 2023