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APEX report that links to DB column, containing refs to files. Possible in APEX ?

Jesper D. Levilo ABJun 13 2017 — edited Jun 13 2017

In a database table we store references to files, which are kept on Windows file systems.

Those files are not stored on the http-server, or in the database as 'BLOB's .

It's a large number, more than 200.000 files. Example, PDF-, GIF-, XLS-, DOC-, and TXT- files.

I use Oracle APEX 5.0.4  and I'm trying to get the following to work ...:

In an  Interaktive report one column refers to a database column, containing file references specified like this;

<a href= "c:/folder1/testfile1.txt">Dokument</a>

In the web report a user will click on a link, that triggs the physical file  testfile1.txt  to open up in a  'standard' Windows program.

Anyone who knows if this solution would work ? Must the files be stored on the http-server, or in the database as 'BLOB's ?

All help is greatly appreciated !

Regards/  Jesper D

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