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APEX Query Long Load Time

rgiljohannFeb 2 2023 — edited Mar 11 2023

Hello, Is it possible in APEX to run a query in the background while the user is on a different page? (more context below)

I have an extremely large table - multiple TB. It is only 10 columns, but contains a ton of data (healthcare data for every provider in the United States).

In my APEX application, the user logged in selects a filter on the first page (in this case the healthcare provider). Then it goes to the next page that shows an interactive report with that provider's data. It is only 100-200 rows maximum. My issue, is that the query takes a long time to run since the table is so large.

I am wondering if after they select the filter on the first page, the query can start in the background somehow, and the user is taken to a different page - a dashboard that does run quickly. After that, they can go to the interactive report that takes a long time to load.

This way, if it runs in the background, the data would be ready by the time they get to the page.

Creating a materialized view to narrow down the data does not really work in this situation as the user could filter for anything. I am wondering if there is a way to create a way to run that data in the background while the user is doing something else.

This post has been answered by rgiljohann on May 25 2023
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Added on Feb 2 2023