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APEX Popup LOV - Conditional Select

alexwintersmithlackeyJan 5 2022 — edited Jan 5 2022

Hey, complete newbie here.
I'm wanting a form that inserts rows into a central table 'Action Plan' from various category-specific tables/pages, each with their own unique reference IDs. Key items in the form:
Reference (listing the source reference ID)
Source (passing static value based on link-to-form source)
The form is built on the Action Plan table. I want the reference field in the form as a Popup LOV conditional against the source.
Use case:
user is working in 'Area 1 IG' and wants to insert 'Action Plan' to central table
button in 'Area 1' page links to 'Action Plan' form with static value passing to 'Source' field in form
'Reference' field on form presents list of values as 'Area 1 IG' 'Reference Column' to select
I hope this makes sense, and I have a feeling it's a really simple answer. I'm extremely new to APEX and SQL in general.

Thank you

This post has been answered by Rick-Pick on Jan 6 2022
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Added on Jan 5 2022