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APEX Cloud 20.1 - How to create application to allow users to upload Excel file xslx to a table

Joe1Sep 3 2020 — edited Sep 17 2020

I've read in Cloud 20.1 documentation how to upload xlsx file into table by going to Workspace homepage, SQL workshop, Utilities,Data Workshop, Load Data.  That works fine, but I think this method is for developers or admins only.  I need to create an application that will let a user, not a developer, load their spreadsheet into an existing table, replacing the previous uploaded data.  In order to maintain data integrity, having the user save as csv and then upload csv is not an option; it must be the native spreadsheet.  When I tried creating a Data Loading page within an application, the wizard only shows support for csv or delimited files, not xlsx.

I was hoping Cloud 20.1 would allow direct xlsx upload by a user, but I cannot find that option.  Can anyone give me the options for doing this within 20.1.

This post has been answered by jariola on Sep 12 2020
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Added on Sep 3 2020