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Apex 5 - Session Idle Timeout handling in Dynamic Action - JSON Error

klaceyMar 11 2016 — edited Mar 21 2016

Apex 5.0.2, Oracle, AIX 7.1, Universal Theme (42)


I'm receiving JSON errors from a Dynamic Action when the session has breached the idle timeout.

"Error: parsererror - SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data"

I've had a search on the forums and this seems to point towards not setting the appropriate datatype on the return of the called process - similar to info found in the following threads

But the process call options are set by Apex itself in the Dynamic Action (PL/SQL true action) rather than manually, so although these point towards a solution, I am unsure how to move forward.

Is it possible that *I* can set the appropriate dataType in the following scenario (if that would solve the issue) - or could it require an amendment to Apex by the dev team itself?

(or is there some other possibility - like have I blinkered myself to an obvious solution?!)


In an application with a page that contains a file browse button.

When a file is selected, a dynamic action trims the filepath and places the filename in another screen field - this then enables a "load" button (So the first bit of the DA is simple PL/SQL to set an item)

If the screen isn't used and the session idle timeout is breached, when the file browse button is used after idle timeout, you are not redirected to the Session Idle Timeout URL

Instead, you receive an error.





I've created a demo application on to illustrate this issue. Note: the application session idle timeout is set at 30 seconds!

Workspace:      KELVIN

User:               developer

Password:        developer

Application ID:   93174


I was expecting the application to redirect to page 3 - the Session Idle Timeout URL

Indeed, firebug shows that the session idle timeout URL (page 3) is being called - and the Response itself is the correct HTML for the session timeout page (I won't post the HTML)


Does this seem to be a problem with the dataType - or do I have this all wrong?

The Chrome error of the "wrong" token of < suggests that a return type of JSON could be being defaulted...

Anyone got any thoughts / workarounds / alternative options on session idle timeout in a dynamic action?



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