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APEX 5 refreshing Interactive Reports

Daljit RMar 25 2016 — edited Jul 3 2016


I have created a fairly simple Apex 5 page, featuring 2 interactive reports with the aim of having a master detail type relationship. IR1 displays order headers, IR2 displays order lines. The query for IR2 features a join to the query used to populate IR1, I also have some custom controlling filters in the form of checkboxes at the top of the page which act as parameters to both reports, these are working well so that IR2 only shows lines for order headers shown in IR1.

I am also currently allowing the end user to apply their own filters to IR1 using the IR1 action button, however I am unable detect any filters applied here so that IR2 refreshes to take into account the filters applied to IR1. Ideally I want to save a couple of report views for IR1, to show order headers with exceptions and those that are 'OK'. When the user changes the IR1 report view I want this change to also cascade to IR2.

Advice needed please, what is the desired way to achieve this...Is there any easy way to do this by detecting specific events on IR1, e.g filter applied, view changed etc. and then 'cascade' the filters to IR2? or do I have to use the apex_ir.get_report and modify the query for IR2 so it uses dynamic SQL? i.e the SQL returned from apex_ir.get_report for IR1



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