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APEX 5 paste image and save to database as blob

melinda_fNov 28 2016 — edited Dec 7 2016

APEX 5 against 10g, use IE 11 and Firefox.

I'm developing a test execution system, and need to provide users with the ability to capture a screen shot, paste it into a field and save that as a blob in the database that can be downloaded as an image file.

I saw which sounds like exactly what I need to be able to do but I never saw a resolution. 

I tried providing a rich text editor to paste into and used the plug in found here along with code to convert clob to blob to save to the database.  It appeared to save and there were no errors saving however whenever I tried to download the blob from an interactive report with a download column the file was not able to be read by any kind of image viewing software.  I'm guessing maybe there is some kind of encoding step I am missing but am outside of my area of expertise.  Any suggestions?

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Added on Nov 28 2016