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APEX 5.1 application export and import to Apex 18.1 application -> Parsing error

Thomas ZinkJun 7 2019 — edited Jun 8 2019

I am getting a parsing error: got "F5_......" expecting ), when I try to import an application into 18.1 from 5.1.

It seems like it should be possible to just export from a lower version and import into a higher version.  If there is more to it, is there a link to some documentation?

(I have searched the forums and see instructions on how to migrate the entire system from 5.1 to 18.1. I don't want to do that.  Both Workspaces and setups are staying in place.  I want to take an application from the 5.1 Workspace on 12c and import it into a different system with 18.1 installed.)

Do the Parsing schemas have to be identical?

Thanks again -

Thomas Zink

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Added on Jun 7 2019
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