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APEX 23.2 Editable Interactive Grid - Edit-Button shows hidden columns

thilo3332 days ago

Dear APEX-Friends,

I have upgraded from APEX 19.2 to 23.2.

There is an editable Interactive Grid inside my App.
APEX 23.2 is bringing an Edit-Button if attribute “Update Row” is enabled.
This Edit-Button lets appear the columns I have hidden by Actions / Columns.

The hidden columns are hidden from viewing by user. These are internal informations.

How to resolve this?

An example please see on
“Cust First Name” and “Cust Last Name” are hidden by using Actions / Columns. Click on Edit, they appear.

How to change this behaviour?

Thanks to all for reading and maybe giving an answer.

Best regards


This post has been answered by Oleh Tyshchenko on Jun 11 2024
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Added 2 days ago