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Apex 23.2.1 Bug - Cannot export components due to ORA-06502

James DaviesDec 20 2023 — edited Dec 20 2023


Is anyone else experiencing an experiencing an issue with trying to export components on Apex 23.2.1?
On some of our Apex applications when receive ORA-06502 instead of seeing a list of components to choose for export

It appears to only affect applications that implement a large number of Popup LOVs. An application we have that has the issue has around 260 Popup LOVs across the whole application.

The export page queries WWV_FLOW_APPL_EXPORT_COMPS and uses WWV_FLOW_STRING.JOIN to extract the USED_ON_PAGES value.

This fails when the string is too long.

The field contains the internal ID’s of all the Page Items referencing the LOV rather than a page list

This post has been answered by Jayson Hanes - APEX PM North America-Oracle on Jul 10 2024
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Added on Dec 20 2023