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Apex 21.1 datePicker: is there any way to hide the icon in the field?

SusieRCampbellNov 2 2021 — edited Nov 2 2021

We are migrating a set of applications from 19.2 to 21.1, and I am working on the upgrades/substitutions/testing of the applications.
I have already updated the theme and run the Upgrade Application utility, and am now working through some of the issues.
One of the issues I happened upon is the datePicker appearance. We were using the jQuery datepicker, with onFocus selected, which hid the calendar-like icon. We liked this as a space-saver in some of our screens which were acting as forms for data entry. The new 21.1 datePicker (with the icon always showing) obscures part of the date, and I would prefer not to have to change the size on every date field in the form, or column widths in IGs.
Is there any way to hide/turn off the icon portion of the datePicker? If so, can I do it application-wide (in the theme roller, etc.)?

This post has been answered by Pierre Yotti on Nov 3 2021
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Added on Nov 2 2021