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APEX 20.2 IG data-action row-revert does not function as in APEX 18.2

EMOVANov 15 2020 — edited Nov 17 2020

Hi, We converted our tabular forms to APEX interactive grids (IG) with 18.2. To simplify the interface for users, we omitted the row action menu for editable grids and include a row-revert/undo icon and, if applicable, a row-delete/trash icon instead. We are now looking at issues for upgrading to APEX 20.2. The row-revert icons are not working properly. If a user changes a value in a row, the user has to do 3 click actions now instead of 1 click action to revert a row data change (click on another row, click back on the original row, and then finally click on the undo icon). Is there any solution to this problem as users will obviously complain?
Thanks, Elaine

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Added on Nov 15 2020