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APEX 20.1 - "Search All Applications" functionality produces "Error Processing Request" response if

Steve NormanJul 29 2020 — edited Jul 29 2020

I frequently use the "Search All Applications" functionality in the builder - works great at releases prior to 20.1!

After upgrading our dev environment to 20.1, searching for a string which is more than 9 characters results in an "Error Processing Request Message".  9 or fewer characters works just fine.

On I experience the same issue when searching across all applications for a string which is more than 8 characters in length.

Is this a known issue?  Anybody else come across it?

[Edit]  The workaround is to go into an application and do the search - select "Search this Application" and it appears to give search results across all applications.



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Added on Jul 29 2020