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APEX 18.2 Data Load Wizard w date format - no data found

K Cannell TH TechJan 21 2019 — edited Feb 13 2019

Anyone working with the APEX 18.2 Data Load Wizard?

Working with a vanilla data load wizard - no transformations, no rules, straight upload against a table -

whenever I enter a date format for a field - i.e. DD/DD/YYYY for a BIRTH_DATE filed, I get  "no data found"  when I click Next on the Column Mapping page.

When I remove the date format, all works fine.

When I enter the data format in double quotes, I get to the next page,  then get a literal date format error upon data load.

Has anyone gotten past this?

What Is the data load wizard expecting for a Date format?  It used to be no quotes, just the format.

For our application we  need the date format - our different users send us data in different date formats.

Yeah, we could preprocess the file but … this is an APEX feature that is supposed to work, and has worked in the past.

Does anyone have any insights here?

Thank you,


This post has been answered by K Cannell TH Tech on Jan 26 2019
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Added on Jan 21 2019