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Apache FOP and APEX 19.1 and ORDS 20.4.1

sect55Dec 7 2021

We recently upgrade WLS to 12c, database to 19c and ORDS 20.4.1 and since ORDS does not support creating PDF documents and APEX 19.1 is not integrated with FOP, we want to go to the standalone FOP option. My tech support followed the workaround outlined in . Since the fop.war file ws not avaiable, the tech support staff had to create the fop.war file but when following the instructions it still did not work. Does anyone know how to make proper adjustments in Apache FOP source code or can provide a working FOP.WAR file.
This is affecting our production environment.
APEX 19.1
DB 19c
ORDS 20.4.1

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Added on Dec 7 2021