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Anyone know what this "error" - message in logs is about?

<oracle.adf.model> <QueryCollection> <clearNRT> <Initialized row(s) exists after commit, in collection:
in ViewObject:
Application should ensure the created row is posted or removed, before commit.Removing row(s) from collection on commit.>

I searched online but didn't find any help. This happens, when trying to save an entry in the database through a form.jsx. The entry is saved correctly in the database, but somehow the iterator is confused (?), It renders in the UI the data of the current selected row. So if its first time I am creating, all the data will become blank in the form. If I had executed a search before creating, it will show a row from the results, but not the newly created. So my case is that I want to stay on the same page, and I see in my page the newly created record.

All this functionality it was working in JDev, but now we migrated to

This post has been answered by Vasilis Eleftheriadis on Feb 27 2024
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Added on Feb 20 2024