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Anyone install windows client on network drive?

GlenStromSep 9 2019 — edited Nov 21 2019

At a place I did some work for a couple of years ago, the Oracle client (11.x +) was installed on a network drive rather than installed on users (Windows) workstations.

IIRC, the install was just pointed to a network share, then a .reg file was generated and rolled out to the clients, so when they opened up an app that needed the client, it pointed to the client on the network drive.

Present day, company I am doing some work for is still using an Oracle 10 client for a legacy app using Oracle 10 database, which is going away in a few months. In the meantime, they need to test an app that needs an 11 or later client, and are also rolling out Windows 10 before the end of the year and want to include a newer Oracle client as part of the roll out.

I'd like to look at having the client on a network share, initially so this new app can be tested with a newer client, and if there are no show stopping issues with this use the network install approach instead of installing it on client workstations.

I'm trying to remember exactly what was on the .reg file that was rolled out, and how it was generated, hoping someone here has done something similar and can share how they did it.

Thanks in advance. 

This post has been answered by EdStevens on Sep 9 2019
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Added on Sep 9 2019