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Any Spoilers/Teasers/Rumours for next release of OEM (13r4, 19, 20?)

Phil BroughtonSep 6 2019 — edited Sep 6 2019

Its getting close to OOW time.
Lots of "Fixed in" bugs public in MOS

So when is it coming guys? We need to start our migration planning soon to keep up with the RDBMS release cycle (13.2 wont support 19c RDBMS etc)

Also, would like to gather opinion around annual releases of EM in future... Personally I think its a bad idea as it takes us months to prep and migrate already (handling all the upgrade hiccups and gotches/bugs in rehearsal can take days/weeks for support to turn around). I favour stability of major release and better support of target plugins, after all, that was the point of the plugin technology... Don't force us to upgrade the whole shooting match when you release new target versions!

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Added on Sep 6 2019