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Answers - Entering SQL directly in to the Advanced Tab loses Subject Area

user9506823Oct 28 2009 — edited Jan 6 2010
I have had to enter the following in the Advanced tab in Answers in order for a query to work:

SELECT foo2.saw_0 saw_0, foo2.saw_1 saw_1 FROM (
Select foo.saw_1 saw_1, count(saw_0) saw_0
SELECT (Customer."SBI Number") saw_0, Count(Distinct "Task Type"."Resolved Task Type") saw_1 FROM "SPS - Operation" WHERE "Task Status".Status <> 'Closed' GROUP BY Customer."SBI Number" ORDER BY saw_0
) foo
group by foo.saw_1

However when I do this I lose my Subject Area receiving the following:

Either you do not have permission to use the subject area within Answers, or the subject area does not exist.

I would like to apply some filters to the query also

Is it possible to get the subject area back?