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Announcing Oracle Linux Storage Appliance 1.8 for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Julie Wong-OracleOct 18 2018 — edited Oct 18 2018

We are pleased to announce the release of Oracle Linux Storage Appliance 1.8. The Oracle Linux Storage Appliance allows you to easily build NFS and Samba shared file system storage with attached NVMe devices or block volumes on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

This release provides Microsoft Active Directory support for greater integration with Windows domain networks.  Many Microsoft Windows Server deployments use Active Directory for managing user authentication and access authorization.  Oracle Linux Storage Appliance can now authenticate users defined in the Active Directory server, and authorize or restrict access to Samba shared file system directories implementing the Server Message Block (SMB) export protocol.

To take advantage of Microsoft Active Directory support, you can easily upgrade your existing Oracle Linux Storage Appliance deployment using the Update Appliance option in the Administration page of the web console.  To install a new deployment of Oracle Linux Storage Appliance on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, simply follow a few easy steps provided here.  Active Directory support is enabled in the Samba Global Settings option in the web console’s Administration page.

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Added on Oct 18 2018