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Announcing Oracle APEX 23.2 Availability

Mónica Godoy -OracleNov 14 2023 — edited Nov 14 2023

Oracle APEX 23.2 is now generally available for download and is rolling out to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) regions across the globe.

This release enables developers to easily build, secure and scalable; enterprise cloud, mobile and SaaS apps; with low-code. App builders now have access to a variety of native enterprise features and capabilities that include end-to-end process automation, collaborative development, and new User Interface (UI) components.

Here are some of the highlights of Oracle APEX 23.2 for Enterprise-Scale Application Development

  • End-to-End Process Automation with native Workflow

    Fully integrated workflow solution that enables developers to automate business processes and worflows, both system-to-system and human-system, using an intuitive, visual workflow designer built natively into the platform.

  • Collaborative Development - Application Working Copies

    Native team development capability enables developers to create a working copy of an app to fix a bug or add a feature, then selectively merge their changes back into the main application. Thus developers can work on different aspects of the same app in parallel.

  • New UI Components

    New world class page items that include QR code generator, image upload and combobox give enterprise apps fresh capabilities without coding.

This release also includes numerous additional features and bug fixes resulting in even higher quality and stability for APEX apps. For more information about the new features in Oracle APEX 23.2, as well as many of the other exciting enhancements, please see the Release Notes or visit the What's New page. You can also watch our five-part APEX 23.2 New Features office hours series by visiting the Oracle APEX Office Hours page.

Go ahead and try APEX 23.2 today! We’d love to hear your feedback via

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