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Announcing General Availability of Oracle NoSQL Database 22.1

Tim G.-OracleMay 24 2022 — edited May 24 2022

We are thrilled to announce the general availability of Oracle NoSQL Database, Enterprise Edition (EE) Version 22.1. This release is loaded with the following powerful features, making developing your application a breeze and with style.
JSON MR_COUNTER Data Type in Multi-Region Table
Oracle NoSQL Database supports CRDT (Conflict-free Replicated Data Type) in JSON documents, in addition to CRDT in fixed-schema data model. CRDTs are a family of replicated data types with a common set of properties that enable operations performed on CRDT fields to always converge to a correct and consistent state among all regions. Data changes in each CRDT field across Multi-Region tables are independently performed and can be done concurrently. Updates to these fields will automatically converge across regions. To ensure that problematic conflicts never happen, operations on CRDT columns must respect a specific set of arithmetic properties.
The counter CRDT is supported with the data type name MR_COUNTER. This release allows any field in a JSON document to be defined as an MR_COUNTER data type which is a subtype of INTEGER, LONG, or NUMBER.  
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Example creating two MR_COUNTER fields in a Multi-Region table
Create a table name JSONMRTable in Tokyo (Japan), and Ashburn (US). This table has a JSON document field which has two MR_COUNTER fields specifically called out: an INTEGER subtype MR_COUNTER field called counter, and a LONG subtype MR_COUNTER called person.counter (an embedded JSON document field).  In addition, this table has 3 fixed columns all of the type STRING: username, phone, and email.

      username STRING,
      phone STRING,
      email STRING,
      JSONMRCounter JSON(counter as INTEGER MR_COUNTER, person.counter 
        as LONG MR_COUNTER),
      PRIMARY KEY(username))

Table Hierarchy in Multi-Region Table
Oracle NoSQL Database supports table hierarchy deployment across multiple regions, ushering in a new paradigm for application development, especially in today's competitive world of always-on, highly responsive apps, deployed in multiple geographic regions. This feature enhancement keeps the entire NoSQL table hierarchy in sync, using bi-directional replication in an active-active fashion. A table hierarchy is an ideal data model for applications that need some data normalization, but also require predictable, low latency at scale. The hierarchy links different tables to enable left outer joins, combining rows from two or more tables based on related columns between them. Such joins execute efficiently since rows from the parent-child tables are co-located in the same shards. Also, writes to multiple tables in a table hierarchy obey transactional ACID properties since the records residing in each table of the hierarchy share the same shard key. All write operations perform as a single atomic unit. So all of the write operations will execute successfully, or none of them will.
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Example creating a table hierarchy in a Multi-Region table
First, create a parent table called users in Tokyo (Japan), Ashburn (US):

     userid INTEGER,
     username STRING,
     PRIMARY KEY (userid))

Next, create the child table (userinfo) under the parent table (users):

CREATE TABLE users.userinfo (
       accountid INTEGER,
       address STRING,
       phone STRING,
       email STRING,
       PRIMARY KEY(accountid));

Oracle NoSQL KVLocal for Edge Computing
Oracle NoSQL KVLocal is an embedded NoSQL database which can be viewed as a single-node Oracle NoSQL Database that is robust and requires zero administration. It runs as a separate child process in the application JVM. KVLocal can be configured to use either TCP/IP sockets or Unix domain sockets for communication between the client APIs and KVLocal.
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Oracle NoSQL Database in a Nutshell
It is a flexible, multi-model, multi-region, hybrid-cloud, active-active database designed to provide a highly available, scalable, performant, and reliable data management solution to meet today's most demanding workloads. Focusing on simplicity and developer productivity, deploying in hybrid-cloud or on-premise environments is automated and completed with just a few clicks. In addition, NoSQL's built-in cross-region replication can be enabled in minutes to deploy a fully active-active system.
Oracle NoSQL Database is well-suited for high volume and velocity workloads, like Internet of Things, customer 360, online advertising, fraud detection, consumer scale persistent session management, user personalization, and online gaming. In addition, developers can use a single application interface to build applications quickly that run anywhere.
Learn more about Oracle NoSQL Database and Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service.

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Added on May 24 2022