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Announcement : OIG - OAM - OUD - Latest Patches Released

IDM October Bundle Patches released for 12c PS4 version. Details for the individual patches, Stack Bundle Patch and the respective KM articles are as follows :
Patch # 32040343 Oracle Identity Management Suite IDM STACK PATCH BUNDLE
Patch # 31999895 Identity Manager OIM BUNDLE PATCH
Patch # 31868150 Oracle Access Manager OAM BUNDLE PATCH
Pathc # 31739169 Oracle Access Manager OAM WEBGATE BUNDLE PATCH
Patch # 31809303 Oracle Unified Directory OUD BUNDLE PATCH
Patch # 31762739 Oracle JDeveloper ADF BUNDLE PATCH
Patch # 31808404 Oracle HTTP Server OHS (NATIVE) BUNDLE PATCH
Patch # 31903409 Oracle SOA Suite SOA BUNDLE PATCH
Patch # 31806259 Oracle Coherence Coherence Cumulative Patch using OPatch
Patch # 31960985 Oracle WebLogic Server WLS PATCH SET UPDATE

Summary of Certified Fusion Middleware Component Bundle Patches, PSU or CPU Fixes to Apply for Oracle Identity Manager + Installations (Doc ID 2636209.1)
Stack Patch Bundle for Oracle Identity Management Products 12CPS4 (Doc ID 2657920.1)
OIM Bundle Patch Release History (Doc ID 2049708.1)
Index for OIM Connectors Patch History Documents (Doc ID 1303052.1)
Oracle Internet Directory (OID) Version 12c Bundle Patch (BP) (Including Directory Integration Platform / DIP) / Bundle Patches For Non-Fusion Applications (NonFA / NonP4FA) Customers (Doc ID 2355090.1)
Information And Bug Listing of Oracle Unified Directory Bundle Patches: (12cR2PS4) Version (Doc ID 2640772.1)
OAM Bundle Patch Release History (Doc ID 736372.1)

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Added on Oct 23 2020
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