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An error in PGX server version 23.4

kheder zazzouaDec 4 2023 — edited Dec 6 2023

Hello every body

recently I changed my PGX server from 23.1 to 23.4 but when I wrote a pgql query with a 100 or 200 limit like this "SELECT e FROM MATCH ()-[e]->() ON <graph_name> LIMIT 100"

I got this error

"Query Execution Failed
{"type":"","status":500,"title":"internal_engine_exception","detail":"java.lang.AssertionError: accessing index: 2,182,332,035,770 that is out of bounds: [0, 1] code: PGX-ERROR-2IUAAW2DUFDY","o:errorCode":"PGX-ERROR-2IUAAW2DUFDY"} "
while I got a correct result when limit was a small number like 10 or 15
Can any one help me?

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Added on Dec 4 2023
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