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amx:listView does not refresh on managedBean

1155555Mar 15 2018 — edited Mar 16 2018

Hello community!

I've an amx Page A which has a list being displayed on it. The list items are clickable and allows to navigate to another AMX page B and also sets an input parameter in private context of a java class J (based on which list has been clicked)

On amx page B, I've a managedBean and one of it's method (on java class J) is invoked by a buttons' actionListener on an amx page B. The action on this page is defined to take to a new amx page C.

The amx page C has a component amx:listView takes in the value from that bean. The returned list depends on the input parameter set earlier in the java class J.

Problem: The amx page C shows the ouput correctly only for the first time. When I navigate back to amx page A and select different list, the underlying java code logs shows that the correct list is selected and correct input parameter is passed to the java class J and it returns correct output - but for some reason the amx page does not show that output - it still shows the previous output. When I close the application and relaunch it and select some other list, it shows its output correctly but only for the first time.

If anybody has seen such an issue, please provide suggestions.

Thank you!

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Added on Mar 15 2018
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