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Always Free - cannot create a second database

Mark UJan 29 2024


As I understand I should be able to create 2 databases in my Always Free Tier.

I have 1 database instance already up and running, however when I try to create a second, I get the following error:

“_Account has reached maximum limit for Always Free Autonomous Database instances. Upgrade to a paid account to create additional Autonomous Databases._”.

Its not a timing issue as ive waited for at least a week for it to clear up.

As a last resort I also deleted my first database but that didnt help either.

In the “Limits, Quotas and Usage” I see under the entry “_Always Free Autonomous Database Instance Count_”:

  • Service Limit: 2
  • Usage: 0
  • Available: 2

Anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to have this fixed?

Kind regards,


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Added on Jan 29 2024