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Allow organize connections into folders in oracle explorer

YevonJan 17 2024 — edited Jan 17 2024

Right now, the oracle explorer doesn't allow to organize connections into folders. It can be an issue when you have lots of connections, one for every schema for example, or even multiple environments. It would be nice having support for this kind of organization, with multiple levels:

  • Folder environments
    • Folder staging
      • Folder staging-eu1
        • Connection 1
        • Connection 2
        • Connection 3
      • Folder staging-eu2
        • Connection 4
        • Connection 5

And when you right click one of the folders, allow this options with a menu:

  • Rename the folder
  • Remove folder
  • Disconnect all connections contained within, or under any of the subfolders
  • Add folder, add this folder to another folder (or just drag and drop)
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Added on Jan 17 2024