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all available vCPU assigned to oracle on a virtual machine

User_I7EXBNov 24 2020

Hi All,
we have an HP DL380 G10 server with 4 processors (dual core) based on RedHat 7.6 and KVM hypervisor
(in total we have 80 vCPU to use for the virtual machines)
We have created a virtual machine with 16 vCPU (and 100 GB ram) and one oracle instance running with 8vCPU reserved to it
We started having some unexpected slowness on other running applications (like TOMCAT )....
after investigating we saw that oracle was using 16vCPU (that is all CPU assigned to the VM ) in place of 8 as expected
Is it possible that the processes 'slowness" could be related to the wrong number of vCPU assigned to oracle?
Many thanks !
Best Regards,

This post has been answered by Sunny kichloo on Nov 24 2020
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Added on Nov 24 2020