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Java SE (Java Platform, Standard Edition)

Aligning transformed Text (and other shapes) inside StackFrame

NikolayArtamonovSep 22 2013 — edited Sep 22 2013

Good day, guys! I have StackPane and scaled (enlarged with scaleX and scaleY properties) Text node inside pane. When text aligned to center of pane (Pic. 1) there are no issues. But when I try to align to left, right, or any other sides or corners then text positioned outside of pane (Pic. 2). How can I fix it? Text have TextBoundsType.VISUAL bounds. Thanks!

Link to image...

Pic. 1. Grey text aligned to center of stack pane.


Link to image...

Pic. 2. Grey text aligned to left side of stack pane.


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