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Aggregate in IG's(Interactive Grid) do not refresh the sum when updating a value.

RkUsmanFeb 10 2024 — edited Feb 12 2024

Assalam O Alaikum everybody,

If i'm using Actions->Data->Aggregate in IG's(Interactive Grid) it do not refresh the sum when updating a value in Column but after page refresh it shows Total

after reading some messages in "oracle forum", I've seen that Interactiv Grid is not the best solution to create dynamic forms that need to have agregation fields at the bottom of your columns. The best example is a sum of a column. With IG, it's easy to create those sum columns, but my problem is that they aren't dynamic. If I change a value in any line, the sum won't be updated. Somebody even wrote that in the future version (past 19.2) IG could replace all type of dynamic forms. I think that Dynamic PL/SQL is very useful to create all sort of dynamic interfaces using the APEX_ITEM library. Things that we might not be able to do with IG and javascript.

Since I'm new to IG manipulations, I'm wondering if it is possible to do a footer row for the IG in APEX 19.2. ? I'll be searching by myself , but any advice would be welcome. I just hope that dynamic PL/SQL won't become obsolete before we can create persistant footer rows with IG or any type of control.

Well, maybe we can create the column appending the div for the region in HTML and create for ourselves the footer, But I doubt it's a good idea.

Thank you !

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Added on Feb 10 2024