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After upgrading customers environment select list in grid didn't work in some cases

Evi MerMar 20 2024

I have a simple grid that mirrors its data into a form. The foreign key field in the grid and in the form is filled with the same LOV.
select sstnr || ' - ' || location d, id_sst r
from lb_sst
order by 1
In the grid it is a select list in the form a FOEX popup LOV (plug-in).
In our development environment (FOEX everything works. In the customer test environment a strange behavior occurs. In the customer test environment, the FOEX installation was first upgraded from FOEX 20.2 to the above version, then the necessary database changes were made for our application logic and the application (exported from the development environment) was imported here. Tomcat and DB were restarted (even the whole VM was restarted). Apex is Operating System is Windows Server 2016.

However, the following now occurs in the customer environment:
For several entries from the LOV, the long text is not displayed in the grid, but the ID. The form displays the correct data.

This does not apply to all entries, but to most of them. We cannot find out why this is the case? The customer's LOV base has approx. 4500 entries. Where can we find the cause?
Many thanks in advance.

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Added on Mar 20 2024