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af:region in af:iterator

Michael ShapiraJan 8 2014 — edited Jan 12 2014

HI. I am on Jdev R2

I have an af:iterator

and a region.

Region accepts one parameter P_BIN_ID and uses it to execute the query with params.

I put the region inside the iterator. Iterator bound to MyVOIterator1 which has binId as one of the attributes.

My expectation is when I open the page on each record for iterator I see a different result set from the region.

For this for region parameter P_BIN_ID I set #{binding.MyVOIterator1.currentrow.binId}

It is work only partially.

The first record in af:iterator displays the region correctly, but the rest of rows are displaying exactly the same data as FIRST row. Which mean they all got same "binId" as parameter.

Please advice how can I get a proper result so the region on each af:iterator row will display a data relevant to row binId and not the first row binid

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