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Advice Wanted (Converting from MS to Linux)

843807Nov 16 2002 — edited Nov 18 2002
Fellow Developers,

Your advice and input it wanted... the more info the better. Thanx, in advance, for your time.

I am a senior Microsoft developer (specializing in C# and .NET) and I am getting sick of Microsoft-centric development. My typical development environment is as follows...

Back end development tools:
IDE: Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
Language: C# (c sharp) and XML
RDBMS: SQL Server 2000

Front end development tools:
Front Page 2000/XP
Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
Internet Explorer v6.0

What are the equivilent tools and programs would use to duplicate my development abilities, but on a Linux platform?

Fred Lackey
Orlando, Florida
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Added on Nov 16 2002
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