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adrci gets "Permission denied" when trying to get a file lock - DIA-48110

Emerson PradoMar 17 2022

Dear all,
I'm trying to set up shortp_policy and longp_policy in an ADR repository but, when I issue the required command, I get a DIA-48110 error regarding file lock:

DIA-48110: error encountered while attempting to get a file lock [ADR_CONTROL] [<ADR Base>/lck/AM_3216668543_3129272988.lck]
DIA-48180: OS open system call failure
Linux-x86_64 Error: 13: Permission denied
Additional information: 1

The environment is correct, as I can issue queries inside adrci. But the file mentioned in the error belongs to root, instead of oracle:

ls -l <ADR Base>/lck/AM_3216668543_3129272988.lck
-rw-r----- 1 root asmadmin 0 May 26  2021 <ADR Base>/lck/AM_3216668543_3129272988.lck

There's no adrci process at least as old as this lock:

ps -C adrci o start,state,args
08:49:10 D adrci pp/oracle/product/

Is this an expected behaviour? How can I tell what created that lock? Why is adrci trying to overwrite it?

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Added on Mar 17 2022
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