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ADF table refresh from db table not happening

udysMay 1 2015 — edited May 22 2015

Hi Folks,

I have a ADF table based on a db table. It also have a Checkbox - a transient attribute. When the button in invoked, the background method kicks of a stored procedure to process the selected (from CheckBox) assets. After this the ADF table should get refreshed from the underlying db table. When the button is pressed, it calls a managed bean. Code in it is below. The moveAssets is a methodAction defined as Bindings in PageDefinition. Even though I have executequery on the iterator, it does not refresh/ reflect the changes from the db table. Could you please suggest me where I am wrong?

    public void MoveAssetsbtnMtd(ActionEvent actionEvent) {

        // Add event code here...

        BindingContext bctx = BindingContext.getCurrent();

        DCBindingContainer con = (DCBindingContainer)bctx.getCurrentBindingsEntry();

        // Note "moveAssets" is the Id of actionMethod binding in PageDefinition

        OperationBinding oper = (OperationBinding) con.getOperationBinding("moveAssets");

        //Since the method takes a parameter send the ToLocation to it assign it with ParamsMap

        oper.getParamsMap().put("vToLoc", resolveExpression("#{bindings.HZLocations1.attributeValue}"));

        //oper.getParamsMap().put("Param2Name", "Param2Value");

        System.out.println("Moving asset to: "+resolveExpression("#{bindings.HZLocations1.attributeValue}"));

        //Execute a method


        //Check for error after executing the method

        if (oper.getErrors().size() > 0) {

            //Handle any errors here

            System.out.println("Error in MoveAssetsbtnBean");


        //  Refresh the ADF table from the equipment movement hist table

        //  after moving the selected assets   ---- 20150429

        DCBindingContainer binds =


        DCIteratorBinding iter1 = binds.findIteratorBinding("AssetMove1Iterator");




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