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ADF table not refreshed in bounded task flow

2664912Sep 2 2015 — edited Sep 4 2015

Hi ,

I have a bounded task flow in one of jspx page(Call it parent.jspx). The TF is like that there is a af:table displayed on the jsff page(call it one.jsff). The table rows has editable link which when clicked navigates to a jsff page(two.jsff) which renderes a PDF which contains table row data respective to which row was clicked (using BI publisher). Now user can update the data and save here on editable PDF. On two.jsff page which displays the pdf also has a Done button which takes user back to the one.jsff page where table is displayed. Here landing on this page I can see the data in table row is not updated.

PS: 1)  Before landing back to the one.jsff page I check in the DB that data are perfectly saved. this is guaranteed.

       2)  If I click a button on the one.jsff page which has partial trigger for af:table then data gets refreshed.

       3) The issue is intermittent also. Some times the updated data is seen on the af:table.


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