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ADF patch

User_Q9C3JOct 6 2022

Hi, I wanted to apply the newest adf patch and my boss told me it would be smart to install jdev in a new directory so I can apply the patch there and if this goes wrong I will still have my old jdev installed that I could go back to.
I did this, and applied the patch to this new installation.
How can I know if I applied the patch correctly? There were a lot of steps and I'm not sure if I did it all right.
Here is my ide version which is the same as before I applied the patch.
Here are some extensions such as adf business components which have the correct patch version that I just updated to.
Is this indicative that I did the update correctly?

Also, I had a problem on startup of my app getting an error similar to Document 2847268.1 ( , and in this post the solution says to delete the system folder. I was thinking that since I have two jdev installations now I wouldn't want to delete this folder, so I renamed it. When I ran my app now, a new system folder was created of the same name as my ide version. I was wondering if this is the right way to handle having two installations of jdev on my machine. I am running windows 10.


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Added on Oct 6 2022