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ADF - Mobile Dev Question - BB MobileClient vs ViewController

jstem1177Sep 3 2010 — edited Sep 10 2010
Hello All,

I'm really new to to ADF and Mobile Developement and have gone through a few of the introductory tutorials and I have a simple question.
I noticed that when I create a project (goal is to deploy on BB), the tutorials show that you use a Mobile Client for the UI and Model for the the app itself.
I then went through a tutorial which uses the ViewControl, and generates the JSF pages, and has some really amazing UI components.

So here is the question. I terms of deployment, and let me precise that I need mobile server sync, must i stick to basic MobileClient + Model or can I go with Model+ViewController. What is the major difference? Is it that the basic one use the the BB java platform where is the ViewController uses the built in browser as the container for my app.

Thanks in advance for links, responses, explanations.

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