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ADF Library usage and their library dependencies

Stuart FlemingApr 24 2017 — edited Apr 26 2017

Jdeveloper 12.1.2

I have a question about how to properly manage all the libraries that both my consuming applications and my libraries depend on.  I am wondering if things are getting a bit too complicated.....

The goal is to have all the libraries reside in Weblogic.  They have manifest files etc, so they can be accessed.  They will not be deployed within the consuming application.

The consuming applications (even if they themselves are libraries) have weblogic.xml files that contain the references to find the library dependencies. For example, the consuming application, which uses the xxxRoleValidation ADF Library has this entry:




However, the library xxxRoleValidation uses the following library: xxxUtilsVC.   xxxUtilsVC itself uses a library called xxxUtilsGeneral.  When I add the xxxUtilsVC to the xxxRoleValidation I see the ADF Library Dependencies Node created.

When I add the xxxRoleValidation to the main consuming application, I also see the ADF Library Dependencies File created.

How should I handle these dependencies? Should they all be added to the application Libraries? Or should they just be listed in the weblogic.xml? 

Or, since each library that has dependencies has a weblogic.xml file with the dependencies listed, do I need to do anything at all?

Thank you,


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