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ADF integration with AD

managed BEANFeb 26 2016 — edited Feb 29 2016

Hello experts

Very respectfully i come to you wishing some expertise clarifications.

I am researching about users login in ADF application (Jdev 12.1.3, but will update to 12.2.1) with AD credentials.

Standard way to make LDAP calls in ADF

I´m new at ADF and don´t have a minimal ideia about security logins.

What i need is to know if it´s possible to authenticate in ADF applications with AD username and password.

For what i saw, the answer is yes. But they start mentioning OIM, OID, ADFS, OVD, LDAP, etc..., and this got me confused like: OIM, OID and ADF - Confused!!!

So this got me to the very begining: The only way to achieve the ADF logins with ADUsers is with the above mentioned technologys?

My requirement is to get users login in the ADF application with the same credentials as stored in AD, but without the need to copy them to weblogic (with some provider), nor with the use of any aditional cost expensive tecnhology. Is it possible? How? Any tutorials well detailed would be nice to me.

I also need to be able to manage/create the groups/roles for each user for ADF application wich differ of AD roles/groups.

Hope to made my self clear.

Thanks everyone.



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