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ADF fragment page loads forever for the first time

OferDec 1 2022

we have an application with page fragments + menu
one of the page contains master + details table with binding variable

the first time we enter the page using the menu we noticed the following
the queries on the page execute on the page loading phase
it takes lots of time (minutes) until the page loads
the tables on the page are empty after the page loads
both master + details viewObjects of the page execute using DB service eg: select * from db_service_name(:bind_a,:bind:b,bind_c) . p.s we added lib_mail to the service so we can tell when the queries execute , and we see they are being executed on page load (#2)
the details DB view object service is using rest service and returns the data using pipe(row)
after the page load, executing the queries again leads to a fast execution , the master+detail table loads fast
all services that i mentioned (#4) are being executed fast in sql_navigator!! and even at the AppModule tester

how can we overcome this? what causes this ? is there anything we can tune so:
the first time the page loads it loads fast
maybe prevent the execution of the queries the first time the page loads (is this related to the slow loading behavior?
thank you so much we are struggling here with this

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Added on Dec 1 2022
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