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ADF Application fails on load testing when the number of users are more

Vijay2020Feb 15 2022

Hi All,
We are using a ADF application developed using Jdeveloper Version. We add some new forms which leads on increase on the number of users for the Application. Our current Application users are around 700 and new users count will be around 800. So totally 1500 users. The new form changes working fine and it passed UAT also. We started facing issues using when we started doing load testing using HP tool runner. If we run load testing using 10 concurrent users, then application respond is good. No errors. When we start increasing the number of users, say increased from 10 to 15 then we started facing issues like application is not responding properly. Few LOV started displaying messages like 'No records found' even though the correct value is there in the lov. We are getting lov issues when we are running with more number of users. When we check the load on the server side it was very less. The number of sessions also displaying more. Say for 10 users in load testing, the session count is saying as more than 100. When we worked directly, then no errors. Say, 15 users accessing application at the same time. Kindly help me on fixing this issue.
Thanks & Regards,

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Added on Feb 15 2022