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Adding sum of certain rows and cols to my query

User_BY2GENov 15 2022

hello everyone. Im really clueless in sql to say the least. I have the following query and it's result :
queryresult.png (35.47 KB)
ON TOP of that I want to be able to add a column name TOTAL which will sum each row (for example first row Total=3).
Also I want to add TWO !ROWS! as sum of the targeted column's rows, so for example
I want to create a new Row with (SUM of status 2 4 and 5) and a total sum of all statuses like shown below :
sums.png (24.94 KB)

Ive tried adding to the First query row (select * from) --> select status,1,2,3,5, 1+2+3+5 as Total aswell as COALESCE and even Rollup() but the results were nothing near.
something else I dont understand is, why whenever I change my select * statement to specific columns, it will fill the rows with the column's value's data?? for exaple if I changed my select to (select status, 1) from, it will fill the column 1 row's value to 1 ??:
status,1.png (29.71 KB)
Any help will be appreciated much, thanks !!

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Added on Nov 15 2022