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Adding PO Requisition forms to Webcenter Content adapter

user10960984Feb 25 2016 — edited Mar 11 2016

Hello all,

Currently I am working on an implementation of WebCenter Content

I am busy integrating it with eBS 12.1.3

The adapter works and I can upload files in both Forms (using the zoom button) and the OA Framework.

Now I am busy trying to get some Forms to have the zoom function available.

It is about the PO Requisition summary form (POXRQVRQ). As far as i can see, it won't work when i use the following note:

How to Find EBS Entity Values for Populating the AXF_FND_MAP Table (Doc ID 1285456.1)

Because the mentioned form does not use the FND Attachments Configured At Form Level.

So I tried following this note: How To Enable Managed Attachments for Oracle E-Business Suite Forms That Do Not Have FND Attachments Configured At Form Level (Doc ID 1619204.1)

Unfortunately without any result. It seems I am using the wrong input, but i have tried a few different options:

my_entity VARCHAR2(255) := 'PO_REQ_HDR'; --example: AP_INVOICES

my_formfunction VARCHAR2(255) := 'PO_POXRQVRQ'; --example: AP_APXINWKB

my_datablockname VARCHAR2(255) := 'REQ_HEADERS'; --example: INV_SUM_FOLDER

my_fieldname VARCHAR2(255) := 'REQUISITION_HEADER_ID'; --example: INVOICE_ID

Does any of you have experience in this situation?

Thanks in advance for helping out.



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