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Adding new work repository in an existing setup

ShafeelAug 3 2022 — edited Aug 3 2022

I have both Master and Work repository connected on the same ODI_DEV_REPO schema . Now I need to create an additional new work repository. Ideally I want to this new work repository attached to the existing master. But, I read from the oracle documentation that we cannot have 2 different work repositories in the same schema. So the only options are,
Option1: Create 2 new schemas one for ODI_TEST_REPO_MASTER (master repository) and another for ODI_TEST_REPO_WORK (work repository)
Option 2: create ODI_TEST_REPO schema and make this master and work repository, similar to what I have now.
I just wanted to know if there are some other options here?
Note: I have ODI 12c with standalone agent running on Linux system.

This post has been answered by Marco Fris on Aug 4 2022
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