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Adding Custom attributes to Endeca Information Discovery dashboard

3985596Jul 29 2019 — edited Sep 9 2019


I am trying to create new view and link it with Endeca. I have already created new attributes in EBS. Since I am working in the 'ont' module . So, by following document 'Extending Oracle E-Business Information Discovery' I have created a 'copy of ont' sandbox and uploaded the zip file of downloaded 'ont' sandbox to it. Then I created new attributes to the 'copy of ont sandbox'.
Now, I have already created a view in sql developer using a couple of tables. I am not able to add that custom view in Endeca. Only ont order, ont closed and ont return views are present for which there are no such attributes which I had created.
I also do not wish to modify the ETL graph. I also do not have clover ETL designer. Any other workaround?



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