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add scan listener

User_RWYAYAug 11 2017 — edited Aug 17 2017

Hi, Srs.

How to add scan_listener and scan vip ip on existing oracle rac scan (fourth node)?


Actually i have 4 four nodes, however the fourth node does not have scan listener and i need to add.

[oracle@ol6-rac01 ~]$ srvctl config scan_listener

SCAN Listener LISTENER_SCAN1 exists. Port: TCP:1521

SCAN Listener LISTENER_SCAN2 exists. Port: TCP:1521

SCAN Listener LISTENER_SCAN3 exists. Port: TCP:1521

[oracle@ol6-rac01 ~]$ srvctl status scan

SCAN VIP scan1 is enabled

SCAN VIP scan1 is running on node ol6-rac02

SCAN VIP scan2 is enabled

SCAN VIP scan2 is running on node ol6-rac03

SCAN VIP scan3 is enabled

SCAN VIP scan3 is running on node ol6-rac01

HOW TO ADD HERE SCAN VIP scan4 on node ol6-rac04 (for example)???

[oracle@ol6-rac01 ~]$ cat /etc/hosts   localhost localhost.localdomain localhost4 localhost4.localdomain4

::1         localhost localhost.localdomain localhost6 localhost6.localdomain6

#Public        ol6-rac01        ol6-rac02        ol6-rac03        ol6-rac04

#Private   ol6-rac01-priv   ol6-rac02-priv   ol6-rac03-priv   ol6-rac04-priv

#Virtual    ol6-rac01-vip    ol6-rac02-vip    ol6-rac03-vip    ol6-rac04-vip

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